Dang! Unapologetically Yes I mean it.

Looking back at the previous season of Big brother Nigeria, now this in comparison with the actual Big brother show (Africa). Big brother Naija 2017 has absolutely nothing to offer its viewers rather than extreme nudity, psychological exploitation of contestants and non-educational content.

With my two hands raised, I am a huge fan of Big Brother Africa and as a matter of fact was anticipating ‘’the coming of Big Brother Naija 2017.’’ Lo and Behold, three to four days into the show, Big Brother Nigeria overwhelmed us with a house full of naked old men and women, who has nothing special, different, educational to offer its viewers.

Big brother Nigeria which birthed the current Big Brother Naija has undergone several controversies due to lack of logistics and production capacity in Nigeria. The controversy eventually resulted in the change of location from Nigeria to South Africa and change of title from Big brother Nigeria to Big Brother Naija.

Big Brother Naija currently airs on DSTV Channel 198 (Ghana 129) and GOTV Nigeria Channel 29. The show kicked off with 14 contestants now narrowed presently to eight contestants who are regarded ‘’favorable’’ to the viewing audience.

BIG BROTHER NAIJANow, how do one become a ‘’favorable contestant’’ worth keeping in the house? That is where the problem is, as defined by Big brother Naija; from the Onset, the contestants are caged with absolutely nothing to please the viewing audience except interactions, both orally and of course excessive body contact and nudity.

On the contrary, the founding father ‘’Big Brother Africa’’ merge people of different African countries, cultural backgrounds, thinking, orientation in a place to find a common ground, thereby understanding each other and uniting Africa.

Big brother Nigeria aired in March 5th to June 4th 2006 on the other hand in spite of how narrow the cultural differences of the housemates were, engaged the contestants heartily with several benefiting activities divergent of the present Big brother Naija which has nothing of such to offer.

Big Brother Naija contestants however figured bareness and engaging in provocative acts could be the only way out and going about it as vigorous as possible or how else can we explain a Married man (TTT) with two children stripping his dignity by literally going naked, or the most recent drama of an evicted housemate (kemen) accused of sexually harrassing a fellow housemate on a national TV with about 246 million viewing audience, all in the name of seeking for vote? Or how else can we explain Psychological torture?
Big Brother Naija in entirety destroys the contestant’s self-image by stripping them of any kind of control over their environment and what they normally would do.

I, as a huge Fan of Big Brother Africa, insist, Big brother Naija is a bad idea and the worse on National TV, not good for children even if it is censored, a large number of under aged children have access to the social media, not our Nigerian culture and not what we believe in, all thanks to Western Influence.

If however, the organizers wish the show to flourish, the content and ideology has to be refurbished, changed and renewed to the benefit of the viewing audience and importantly, empowering the youth.

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