Hurray! The flavours of Lagos food festival in Lagos has finally come and gone! Lagos inhabitants where entranced at Eko Atlantic Water Front by delicious delicacies by polished Chefs. The two days event started on the 2nd to 3rd of October 2016!

Attending the event on the second day was rejuvenating as Eko Atlantic Waterfront was crowded, creating a great opportunity for guests to network and meet people of like minds. Food, music and happy faces took the center stage of the event as professional chefs intrigued the feasting guests with smoking freshly prepared food!

Meeting with one of the guest at the festival was exciting and she expressed how excited she was. The most thrilling of her statement to me “I am glad to be here, a good independence holiday for me I haven’t had the opportunity to explore delicacy in varieties for a while now.“ It was indeed a good independence holiday for me and a whole lot of people at the venue.

dbbWe had an up-close quick interview with one of the food exhibitors at the festival Chef Mickeal also known as Burger master of Roadster Burgers speaking on the experience. According to him “it was a fair experience, I was able to meet customers that has been seeing our meals on the social Media. They had to come to our stand and taste the meals they have been salivating on. “

Moving further and speaking on taste of Lagos and next year’s expectations “it is an event that my team and I look forewarned to. Sure we will be there next year. “ Chef Mickeal said.

ghThe taste of Lagos food festival started four years ago, the first of its kind and has continued to thrill guests every year and 2016 isn’t an exception. No doubt, the festival did justice in showcasing the diversity of Nigerian Cuisine, dining and exceptional food retailing.

My mind grew in anticipation awaiting the event, thanks to the brain behind the food festival Abisola Dejonwo for such a spectacular food festival to look forward to. The organizers did well to have celebrated with Nigeria as it clocks 56, giving Nigerians an amazing venue to celebrate the independence holiday.

ddWhat did we eat?
Believe me, there were loads of intercontinental and Nigerian delicacies at the festival, local Nigerian cuisines, rice potatoes and pasta, Sandwich burgers and wraps, shellfish and fishes, freshly pressed juice and so on!

Stepping in, I stumbled on roadster burgers stand which is the best Burger spots in Lagos and I couldn’t resist their chicken and chips as cccdthe barbecue stand was steaming hot!

The Chef did a splendid job at saucing the chicken and nothing could be compared to the taste of it. The chips was freshly fried adorned with a spicy sauce.

Pastries were also irresistible; I made a stop at royal pepper classic and grabbed two crispy festcookies and cake wraps, that definitely is one of the best I have tasted so far I am sure it was baked with the richest of all pastry flours and ingredients.

However my last order was a disaster judging from the fact that I got an alcoholic drink, I`m no saint but taking alcohol at that time was more like mixing work with dangerous pleasure I didn’t need at that time.

Nevertheless, the event was a huge success! And I will commend the organizers and sponsors of the event to have given hospitality writers and people in the hospitality business inspirations and something solid to look forward to.
The other exhibitors include Lagos cold pressed juice and bubletti, Jamski Authentic Carribean cuisine, Tte`s finger likin Barbecue and cocktail, Afrolem Food Platter, Hans and Rene etc.

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