Entertainment: South African Celebrities who became famous for not wearing panties


Talk about been famous for going about without underwears, a few South African ladies are giving Kim Kardashian a run for her money. It could be recalled that the popular American reality TV star went without underwear for a Paris dinner in a very plunging black bustier complete with sheer black sleeves and neckline and teamed with racy lace tights.

Zodwa Wabantu, Skolopad and Buhle Mkhize have been on that path in the last one year with their racy dress and unfiltered views thereby keeping us entertained and fascinated like the acts in a circus. While some may see this trend as a sign of a world that is slowly deteriorating when in fact, it could be a remedy our society needs. The truth is we live in a world that is at war with its own ideals. According to an article written by Kyle Zeeman in timeslive.co.za, we’re in a state of confusion.

Zodwa, Skolopad and Buhle are challenging societal norms. Zodwa shot onto the scene at the Durban July in a racy outfit and no underwear. She further explained that her decision to wear revealing clothes sans panties was to inspire woman to be comfortable in their bodies and not hide who they were, while Buhle challenged the boundaries of social media with her topless pictures and twerking videos. During her interview with TshisaLIVE, she spoke about her life in Soweto, being poor and gaining notoriety. Born Zodwa Rebecca Libram, the entertainer grew up not knowing her father and when she left home she had nothing but her ability to live through favours from strangers.

Now, as she gains more attention and the moolah is rolling in, she says her main focus is making cash. As a mother to an 11-year-old son, she knows that fame can be fleeting and she has no intention of being in the “industry” for more than five years. Her racy appearances obviously hasn’t gone down well with Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. The President lambasted Zodwa Wabantu for not wearing underwear and said that he is aware that a decision to ban her from participating at official government events made him a “killjoy.” He said “I’m sorry we disappointed many men” before questioning why Zodwa would attend parties without underwear. “You just come without covering your decency. What do you want? Men to see you? We don’t want such,” he said. Zodwa was billed to perform at the Harare International Carnival but the organisers backtracked, causing her performance to be cancelled at the last minute.

Another South African socialite also not shy about for flaunting her body is Buhle Mkhize. Buhle grew up in Gezinsila (known by locals as Emagogogweni) in KwaZulu-Natal. She moved to New York in 2009 but before that she had been living in London. She first left Mzansi for the UK in 2001. According to news24.com, she was thrust into the limelight back in 2015 when she was revealed as minister Malusi Gigaba’s side chick.

And there’s Skolopad. Skolopad whose real name is Nonhlanhla Qwabe was born in 1984. She’s a musician, dancer and nurse by profession. She became popular in 2014 when she attended the Metro FM Awards black carpet with a revealing yellow dress. When she was asked about the inspiration behind the dress she said, “I like revealing myself, because I am the lady that feels comfortable in her own brown skin. That’s why I am always my half-naked self.” She has a tattoo on her butt which is a letter Q and explains that it means queen. She says that she wears all those revealing dresses so that she can show off her tattoo. She has a daughter who is 16 years old whose name is Amohelang. Skolopad says that most of her nude photos are taken by her daughter.

Another South African celebrity grabbing headlines is Babes Wodumo. Babes caused a stir on Twitter when she posted a revealing picture of herself with a caption that was quickly dubbed a “thirst trap”. The Wololo hitmaker is known for her racy dance moves, colourful hair, and her sexy body, which she has never been afraid to flaunt. According to timeslive.co.za she posted a snap of herself wearing a teeny-tiny pair of denim shorts that showed off her booty, she sent Twitter into a frenzy. The picture got over 2000 likes and over 500 retweets.

With the Drama Queen of the Year at the Feather Awards up for grabs, tension has started brewing between been Zodwa and Skolopad with the latter suggesting that Zodwa was trying to be like her and Babes Wodumo. “Nobody wants to be like Zodwa but she would try and be like us. We are dancers and artists and she is a dancer only,” Skolopad claimed in a tweet. Both have been nominated for the award. Zodwa was the first to drop the gauntlet as she refused to pose for a picture with Skolopad at the nominations party claiming that it would damage her brand. Speaking to TshisaLIVE after the announcement, Zodwa said Skolopad was still crawling in the game and was looking for attention with stupid ideas.

By Chukwuemeka Chigozie

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