Sonto Mbonambi: African Travel 100 Women Winner


Sonto Mbonambi is the Managing Director of Syavaya Tours, a Destination Management Company operating from South Africa which is part of Syavaya Group.

She has been at the helm of this company for the past 10 years and under her leadership, the company has grown tremendously and now operates from the three major cities in South Africa.

Syavaya Tours has received a few industry accolades as recognition of its contribution to the industry. This includes, recently, Finalists of the Lilizela Awards, Winners of the Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award for two years, the Mayoral Award from the Durban Municipality and the Tourism Excellence Award.

Prior to joining the Tourism field, Sontoworked for various industries in senior positions with a main focus in sales and marketing. She worked in major retail companies of South Africa, Agriculture and Oil industries.

Sonto holds a junior degree in Psychology from the University of Zululand. This was followed by a Diploma in Advanced Business Programme, The Bachelor of Technology in Business Management (Durban University of Technology) and The Masters in Business Administration from the University of Wales.

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