Africa: Sex is delicious food women should serve husbands always – Nora Adibe


A lot more than a mere pretty face, Nora Adibe has continued to make it known she intends to make a success of her entrance into Nollywood. One who is not shy to speak on sex, she dwells on challenges as an actress as well as her relationship with others in the industry in this interview with FLORA ONWUDIWE.

Not a lot is known about your background but how did you become involve with acting?
Perhaps that is because I used to be known as Nora Igbokwe. I am from Imeriew In Ngor-Okpala Local Government Area of Imo State. I actually started acting from way back my primary school days. Acting used to be my hobby then but now I am one of those who have turned it into a profession. I actually remember that two of my teachers called me to advise that I stick to acting as my career in future after my excellent outing in two stage plays back then. That was how I became interested in what I am doing now. In secondary school, I made further input and I still fondly remember one of the grand stage plays which I took part in, titled Egondu. With my brilliant performance, people began to commend me and insisted that I should not look back. Really, that advice is a major reason I am doing this today.

On the professional front, how long have you been in Nollywood and what has the experience been like?
I have actually been in Nollywood for quite some time now. I have been involved in about 70 movie productions, among them a number of soap operas, Igbo movies and the English movies. I remember that I took part in movies like Adaeze, Iheoma and other Igbo productions. I also remember some English productions like Flogs in which I appeared with Clem Ohameze and other top stars. Another is the movie titled Sexy Cheaters”.

Conservatively, I have featured in over 70 movies, including Holy Family. I want to make it known here that three Nollywood stars, Commander C.O.C Nze, Val Agwulou and Victor Osuagwu have been my backbone in Nollywood. I remember when Victor Osuagwu was chairman of Lagos State chapter of AGN, he appointed me as a Special Assistant and I gave my best and that is why I have kept the position till date, even under the leadership of the new chairman.

What would you say are some of the main challenges you have faced in Nollywood?
Challenges abound for me as a Nollywood actress, starting from coming to locations most times with my costumes and other things I need for shooting. It has not been easy because so many persons are hustling for same roles. However, I am aware of these challenges and I have always been ready to continue so as to remain relevant in the industry. I must confess that it is not rosy getting roles. It is highly disappointing that many of us are desperados who can do anything for a role. Some even give directors as much as 200,000 to play lead role while others pay huge amounts or go to bed with the director.

With what you are saying now, what’s the relationship between you, fellow actors and other production personnel?
I am somebody who doesn’t lose her head even when other are losing theirs. So it is on good record that I have a cordial relationship with my colleagues, including directors, producers and even marketers. That is why I noticed that after each job, the directors or producers usually ask for my number so as to call me whenever they have another production.

Do you have any regret about joining Nollywood?
My only regret is concerning the unwarranted manner some persons who have no business with Nollywood, especially acting, have taken over from genuinely interested persons with real potential for the job. These are the spoilers who should be discouraged by the producers, directors and marketers. But it is disturbing that it may not work out because of the Nigeria malaise, otherwise known as ‘man know Man’.

What’s your definition of love?
My definition of love is the one from God, otherwise known as Agape love. But for the purpose of what you expect, my definition of love is according to the typical Nigerian men. The expectation is simply for a woman to open her laps. Imagine! It is disturbing that on every April 14, which we all know as Valentine’s Day, most Nigerian men are usually love crazy. To them, it’s about expressing the carnal side of love with any unfortunate girl who comes their way.

What turns you on about men and what turns you off?
I love tall, neat looking men. I also ‘trip’ for men with good dress sense. I hate men with mouth odour and stinking armpits. However, I am courteous in expressing these publicly because of the level of misunderstanding in our society.

As far as you are concerned, what is the place of sex in marriage?
Sex is a sumptuous meal which women should serve men at all times. Sex is not all about making children alone, women must be enthusiastic and sincere about their feelings of it. They should stop wearing jeans to bed just to barricade their husbands from going in when they wish to do so. This attitude of putting on jeans when going to bed puts off most men. Can you imagine when a gentleman is set to have what he has paid for and cannot have it at a time he wants it desperately for enjoyment?

This is unthinkable and wicked for whatever reason(s) best known to the women. Will you now blame the men who go for their house helps to find solace as a result of their wives’ denial of sex? Women should stop this funny practice before the desperate men would continue to look for super alternatives as I have just said in unmistakable fashion. The women should start dressing sexy now whenever their husbands come home. They should do all humanly possible to entice them.

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