Africa Entertainment: Why I Did a Remix with Kelly Rowland- Korede Bello


After he got signed on to Mavins a few years back, Korede Bello’s career kicked off gallantly with the release of his nationwide hit single, Godwin. In this interview with Tosin Clegg, he talks about his new album, and career.

The concept of ‘Beloved’ album
Beloved is for my fans and they are why I am where I am today. So the album is a way of me saying, ‘thank you for loving this boy.’ So, for me, they are all Beloveths. I want people to enjoy my album and digest it well. I will be doing a lot of musical videos as well and will be going on tour pretty soon. National, continental and international tours.

My career
It’s been a beautiful journey before and after I joined Mavins. I have had like core fans that have been supportive all the way. And my fans base is from 1 year old, all the way to like 80 years old. So, it’s a big spectrum and I am grateful to God for giving me such loyal fans base. They have come to love the person behind the music and not just the music.

I am still a student
I am still a student of Mass Communication at the Nigerian School of Journalism and I’m in my final year now. To be honest, I initially wanted to study Accounting in UNILAG but for some reasons it just didn’t happen and I was like you know what let me just study Mass Communication since it’s still in line with what I’m doing and I can use the knowledge to better my act and my craft as a Mass Communicator of Music. So it’s still in line and some of the things I learnt from there I use for Media engagement and in future I could own a media platform.

Love for fans
I am grateful for the fan-love and my ladies love me and I love them back. I’m also grateful to God, especially and I pray that God blesses every person who has been with me since the beginning and is still with me. Even if you like one Korede Bello song; God bless you.

About my music
That’s why, if you noticed, before ‘Do Like That’ or from when I got signed, all my songs are different, from Godwin, African Princess, Mungo Park, Cold Outside and more are all different from different genres. And I want people to know I can blend into different styles. From ‘Do Like That’ I want people to know what I was feeling. Fortunately, it cuts across globally as it was a global hit. I was in a studio in Lekki when it came about and I worked with my producer to do the song and it came out really nice.

Remix with Kelly Rowland
To be honest we were not the one looking out for a remix. Kelly Rowland and her management hit us up that they like the song and would like to do a remix which will be a bang. She called on Skype and was like I really like this song and a remix will be a bang. So, we sent her the instrumentals and then we had a remix.

Empowering youths
I have an initiative I run that is centred on education and empowerment of young people. Later in the year, we will be putting some projects in motion regarding that. We also organised a symposium on Police and media. My team and I came up with that. It was an interactive forum to shed light on the relationship between the police and the media. So, the next we are having is the Police and the youth. That will involve stakeholders, the Police and youths, student unions. We will have to sit and talk about the existing relationship between both parties and how we can foster a better relationship between the parties. I think the Police should understand young people and young people should understand the Police.

Being Police Ambassador
In a country of over 200 million people, where about 60 per cent is made up of young people, selecting one person to celebrate the police force is a big deal and honour. I felt really overwhelmed and not that alone, but also because I want to be a part of the change to be identified with. If everybody is complaining about the Police, then someone needs to do something about it. I have met some responsible Policemen that are very sane, gentlemanly, very fine ones and I like people to know that part of them too. We accept that there are shortcomings and bad eggs but there are good ones out there too. And I accepted the honour.

Godwin, the Single
Good feeling because you know that was my first shot at having a big song or a national anthem so to say and not just a hit song but a song that can be identified with every type of person. Whether you are a Muslim or Christian, young or old, office holder or politician it circled around everybody. And for once I felt all eyes on me and Godwin is such a good song.  It projected my brand and that side of me the world knows. It got me to corridors of power. I performed before Presidents, leaders and the elders welcomed my brand. I think the problem with a big song like that is that many people want you to replicate that song and that’s why I like to do different type of music.

Why I’m Different
I really can’t be anybody else, and I kind of like people to see me inside of my music and my brand. I like them to see me as I am and not as an illusion of a perfect guy. I like them to see me for who I am. My flaws, my good and bad because I’m part of the society and I could be your brother, your friend and your boyfriend. I like them to see me in all aspects and I like to inject myself in the family.

My Initiative
It centres on education of the less privileged and disadvantaged youths. Also, I like to use my music to communicate the ideals I want to see in the world, because you never know how far your song can go for it to inject some positives which will do the world a lot of good.

My Style
I like to look good and nothing is behind anything. My hair is inspired by a vintage look and something people will remember when they see me.


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