News: Overtourism Backlash as Amsterdam set to ban Airbnb, increase tourist tax, to prevent Disneyfication


The happening city of cannabis cafes, red lights is likely to resort to stringent measures to curb ‘Disneyfication’ of this part of the world.

Inspired by the examples of Venice and Barcelona, the main political parties of Amsterdam have declared some radical measures to turn down the volume of tourism and reverse the ‘Disneyfication’ of the Dutch capital.

A collection of four parties that negotiate to create the new city government on Wednesday had issued a pledge of agreed reforms to offer ‘balance in the city’.

It will ban Airbnb short-term rentals in busy areas, divert cruise vessels from docking in the centre and also crack down on ‘fun rides like beer bikes, Segways and boozy boat trips.

The tourist tax would also rise from between 4 and 6% to a flat 7% that raises around $A165 million a year within 2022.

Yvette Hofman who is the spokesman for GroenLinks green-Left party mentioned that they would have to make sure that the city stays liveable for all residents. This is a subject that is important to residents who have felt under attack by rising crowds, partly due to illegal hotels and Airbnb.

They have complained that they no longer are aware of their neighbours and of a tourist monoculture in the centre and that is all about balance.

This news appears a month after Eurostar had announced a direct train service from London to Amsterdam. It follows measures like city permits and turnstiles on busy streets in Venice, a ban on private rentals to tourists in Palma, Majorca and also a bar on new hotels in Barcelona.

Tourism has been a central issue in the recent city elections of Amsterdam that had witnessed D66 liberal democrats that were overtaken by GreenLinks that had campaigned to minimize tourist nuisance and offer more middle-income homes as tourist rental apartments are blamed for exacerbating quite a severe shortage of housing.

The top locales of Airbnb has observed a huge rise in tourist numbers with 18 million people that are expected to visit this year marking a rise from 11 million in 2005 as per the research bureau SEO.

Last year the city announced heavy fines for exceeding Airbnb limits, and a ban on new tourist shops. From next year the number of days permitted for Airbnb-type hire will be halved to 30.


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