Aviation: OAG names South African FlySafair as the most on-time airline in the world

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The South African low cost Carrier, FlySafair that gained attention last week for throwing out a racially abusive white passenger has just been chosen as the most ontime Airline in the world.

According to biznisafrica.co.za, the Low cost carrier, has been ranked the world’s most on-time airline for 2017 by air travel intelligence specialist, OAG.

The airline achieved an annual on time performance (OTP) of 95.94%. It was also one of just three airlines to receive a five-star rating. This is the first time that OAG has introduced star ratings based on carriers’ OTP performance.

OAG provides global flight information with the most extensive network of air travel data in the world. Its airline schedule database holds future and historical flight details for more than 900 airlines and over 4 000 airports.

Its On-time Performance Star Ratings is a global accreditation programme that recognises exceptional on-time performance across all airports and airlines regardless of size, geographic location or relative relation to their peers.

For an airline to achieve an OTP of 95.94% is very difficult, says Marketing Director for OAG, Caroline Mather.

“It requires extremely smooth operations and exceptional focus from across the entire team.”

FlySafair CEO, Elmar Conradie, says the achievement speaks to the quality of South African aviation.

“This shows that we are ready to compete with the best.”

The carrier has proved exceptionally consistent in its on-time performance since first arriving on the local scene.

Conradie says this has been a priority from the start.

“We recognised the need for the South African public to have a service provider that consistently delivers on time and so we set our targets even higher than those expected by local airport authorities.”

OTP has become an increasingly important measure of overall performance, says Mather.

“It reflects the reliability and efficiency of the airline, and ultimately the reputation of the brand. An airline’s schedule is the measure of its promise to their customer.”

Conradie says he’s proud of what the team at FlySafair has been able to achieve.

“This kind of result can’t be attained without absolutely everyone playing their part.”

Only last week FlySafair was on global spotlight when it forcefully removed a passenger after alleged racist threats were made on a flight boarding for departure to Port Elizabeth.

Footage shared on Twitter shows a couple addressing one of the cabin crew with their complaint about a fellow passenger sitting across the aisle from them.

According to atqnews.com, the man had allegedly insulted another passenger by calling him an “asshole” and threatening violence, only to then reference further implied racism by saying “you people are all the same”, when the couple who had lodged the complaint told him his behaviour was unacceptable.

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