Nicolas Jørgensen Gebara: Top 100 Tourism Personalities in West Africa – Winner


Nicolas Jørgensen Gebara has been managing the Business Sector Advocacy Challenge (BUSAC)
Fund from January 2013 to date. Nicolas is a seasoned Danish Business Development Consultant and Trainer. Nicolas holds a Master degree in Economics and has over 20 years of experience in management consultancy, private sector development and Monitoring and Evaluation. He has worked for private sector enterprises and for development partners including DANIDA, EU and IFC, focusing on SME development, private sector enabling environment, trade promotion and capacity building of business organisations. His competence covers all phases of the project cycle from
programme design, planning, management and implementation to monitoring and evaluation.

He has worked seven years as a Business Development Consultant for the Confederation of Danish Industries. As team leader, he has solid experience in the implementation of international assignments in Africa, Asia and Russia. Throughout his career, he also worked as Programme Director and Quality Assurance Manager on several international projects, offering business development services to private sector organizations in India, Vietnam East and West Africa.
Nicolas's involvement in the Ghanaian business environment dates back to 1995, when he embarked on a number of short term business missions to assist in building the capacities of various Ghanaian private sector organizations and promoting cooperation between Ghanaian businesses and their Danish counterparts.

Nicolas was also heavily involved in the Business Environment Strengthening For Tanzania-Advocacy Component (BEST-AC) in Tanzania, a sister programme to BUSAC Fund. His professional goal is to use his skills and experience to contribute in improving the business environment of enterprises in Africa and help in professionalizing business organisations in servicing their members.

During his tenure as Fund Manager, the BUSAC Fund contributed significantly to the development of the Ghanaian tourism. In recognition of the BUSAC Fund’s excellence in supporting private sector business advocacy in Ghana, the Fund was also awarded the prestigious CIMG Hall of Fame accolade for being the " Not-for- Profit-Making Organization of the Year" on five consecutive occasions.

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