Mukhatshelwa Katchie Nzama: African Travel 100 Women Winner


Mukhatshelwa Katchie Nzama is a South African travel blogger who travels the African continent sharing more on African cultures, heritage and promoting different African countries to Africans. She has travelled through 29 African countries.

Through her travels she hopes to inspire other young Africans to travel Africa and to learn more about Africans. She hopes to show Africans that affordable travel is possible and intra-African travel is also possible. But most importantly that Africa is safe for solo female travels.

The blog focuses on affordable intra-African travel and shares magnificent destinations, breath-taking sunsets, music festivals, heritage and also shares great travel tips.

The aim is to decolonizing travel culture, telling stories of Africans through travel – highlighting the similarities of Africans and celebrating the differences of us as Africans. Her travels are shared on social media platforms where she is fondly known as @TheSoloWandera.

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