Africa: Meet Nigeria Fastest Female Biker, Aisha ‘Flygirl’ Vatsa


Inside the world of power bike racing for Nigeria, which many believe it’s a sport only for men, BBC News Pidgin meet this Super woman Aisha “Flygirl” Vatsa who is the fastest woman inside the 600cc category for the BT 2018 championships.

Aisha came 3rd at the final race which took place in Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria.

“Inside the biking championship, there is no recognition of gender, no man, no woman” as we all compete for the tittle together.

When she talked about her bike, she says, ‘yes biking is dangerous but it also teaches a person self-control and responsibility as one cannot have all that power under your control and make mistakes’

Amasike Emeleonye who is the champion for on the of 24-7 racing says, “I am very proud of Aisha and she has the mind and courage, you can expect less from a person that trained as a pilot.”

She said her plan for 2019 is “we come out stronger, we come out badder” as she plans to be number one in her category and not just to be the fastest woman.

Some other awards which Aisha carted away include: The Rookie of the Year BT 2018 and The Fastest Female Award BT 2018

Story: Usifo Omozokpea & Dan Ikpoyi

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