Africa: Maveric NGO gets Government Approval to invest $100m in Tourism Development in Ghana

AFRIMA Maveric tourism

Maveric NGO, a non Govermental organisation has gotten the approval of the Ghanaian government to invest a whooping sum of $100m in tourism development in the country.

Fri 19 October 2018 was a day of glad tidings with breaking news that Maveric Ghana NGO is in operation globally, visible on the system.

The Registrar’s office has issued our clearance codes, we are now finally legal and able to start work. The final step in accessing our funds is a letter of acknowledgement from Government of Ghana under the office of the Chief of Staff to be issued to the Minister of Finance who, in turn, will issue a letter of consent to operate our bank accounts and access our legal funds in Ghana.

Maveric NGO will be registering a first of a kind humanitarian bank in Ghana and NGO approved by President Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana. Maveric NGO bank will be setting up a branch in Somalia and UAE promoting tourism and self employment

Maveric Ghana was set up by Gypsey Luongo from South Africa when she concluded oil deal in 2007 and after many years of misinformation and misdirection by corrupt govt official Capt Akim rescued the situation

Maveric will be setting up Wacky Warehouse in Durban to supply goods and services to ghana and create employment for locals as well as bring in 10bn usd in purchasing of food medical and educational supplies thus stimulating the economy

Maveric NGO Ghana has taken the first step by committing 100m USD to Tourism development projects, starting in Ghana and Somalia. The first of many steps, provides funds, skills training for hospitality fellows and creating much needed livelihood opportunities for destitute families and entrepreneurs throughout Africa and Middle East

• Developing NEW Ghanaian and Somalian Domestic Tourism Offerings (LOCAL is LEKKER) by providing SMME’s start-up finance, upskilling workers, assistance with business plans, finance management and operations.
• Upgrading, restoring and operating existing and/or previous Tourism Offerings – ie Ghana : Kakum National Park, Castle Alumni
• African Arts and Crafts are in high demand, but with limited sales platforms and outlets, traders travel from home to sell their wares far and wide. This initiative will assist traders, crafters and merchants with financial backing, resulting in service excellence.

A further 10m USD set aside to upgrade Castle Alumni and town, the spectacular Kakum forest (including accommodation for visitors) plus a further 10m USD to provide transport for tour guides.

Bursaries for school children (20m USD) per annum Maveric Bank Ghana aims to join hands with Somalia with funding to alleviating poverty.
The initial goal – Invest 50m USD in both Ghana and Somalia for micro loans to initiate a program of self employment, offering goods and service, with max loan, 3k per person.

These unsecured loans will be recommended by local communities who will work hand in hand with bank ensuring proper management and repayment of loans.

In Somalia Maveric NGO Bank will encourage production of hydroponic farming, with wholesale shops for distribution of food.

Housing loans 7k USD for entrepreneurs’ homes and business premises plus micro loans up to 3k USD to start a business

Maveric NGO bank will be providing tourism, in Somali 50m USD for tour operators and 20m USD for hotels and B&B’s facilities.

Maveric NGO bank will be operating differently to conventional banks as our focus will be on the individual client who has no security but wants to prove them self in the business world
Maveric NGO will be generating income from Sale of crude and profits will be invested in our projects to make us self sufficient

Taking a page out of Jack Ma Yun’s book and suggestion to treat Entrepreneurs as Heroes, Maveric will Focus on education of lenders and use mobile phones for transacting. As most people are unable to supply fixed addresses and proof of income or identity Maveric will use biometric fingerprints and retina scans with a registered mobile number. Jack Ma Yun born 15 October 1964, Chinese business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, co-founder and executive chairman of the Alibaba Group, a multinational technology conglomerate.

It’s all systems go as the Ghana Education Services, in writing, on 28 Oct 2018, confirmed official endorsement of Maveric Pride Rock Education system and will provide qualified educators to train Pride Rock teachers.

.A very proud day as Maveric Pride Rock Education has been appointed as an auxiliary educator to underprivileged children of Ghana that will lead to the entire Africa
The sun rises over African plains and deserts of Middle East. Meet the Khamisi family – mom and dad, Harrison and his sisters, Ada and Imani.

After breakfast, mom waves goodbye and children board the school bus or amble down the road to class. Teacher takes roll-call, children take their seat followed by themed lesson of the day. At the end of school, mom (or dad or maybe both) overview the day with teacher, collect a loaf of bread for the family to return home for dinner and a good night’s rest.

Every child has the right to free education with Reading, writing, arithmetic – known as the 3 “R’s” – the basic building blocks of Pride Rock Education. Sportsmanship and unfaltering team spirit are the very foundations of every solid sound society.

And so too, at Maveric. On a very basic soccer field adjoining the school, a cacophony of ball games dominate after school and weekend games and matches – cricket, basketball, volleyball, badminton, swingball and an odd tennis ball or two may be spotted in full flight.
Maveric Educators accompany the children on their life’s journey of discovery. Interaction with family, friends, neighbours, community and immediate surroundings are teachers’ tools and children’s text books.

School desks, chairs, books, abacuses, school bags complete with space cases, pencils – all sorts, ruler, sharpener, craft scissors and glue. The “House of Wisdom” Library on wheels, is stocked, edge to edge, with books of knowledge, fun, creations, cookery (and crookery) in a beautifully adorned container.
Pride Rock Education offers a tiny tantalising taste of the full buffet. Learners, smartly dressed in full school attire – blazer, uniform, shoes, socks, sports gear, are ready to learn the three “R’s”, crafts, life skills through curriculum aligned age appropriate fun themed activities and lessons.

Maveric Bank, an integral part of the Maveric Pride Rock Education program, will award each child M100 in a Maveric “Kidz” Bank account. Banking, money management, financial savvy and growing your personal money tree are paramount in a child’s growth and a nation’s development.

Although given in advance, this Maveric moolah must be earned by children completing specifically assigned tasks : covering school books, colouring-in, reading, reciting, performing, creative writing, rubbish-free school yard, tidy classrooms (even outdoors), positive interaction with fellow classmates and teachers. Set criteria with predetermined points are used by teachers to evaluate performance delivery.

Lyrics by Johnny Clegg, famous African singer (aka Le Zoulou Blanc) “I think I can make it on my own under African Skies”, confirm that determination, respect for others and positive self-belief makes all things possible.
The Proposal
• Witches of Ghana Programme
• Set up Pride Rock Big Top Outdoor School
• Area two rugby field completely fenced off for school setup outdoors.
• Set-up a basic family clinic and healthcare.
• Distribution once a month of Food Parcels (one bucket of supplies per family member)
• Build and provide Staff / security housing / quarters
• Rebuild, refurbish, repair entire facility.

• Destitute Moms and Children Home Accra
• Set up Pride Rock Education indoor School
• Set-up a basic family clinic and healthcare.
• Distribution once a month of Food Parcels (one bucket of supplies per family member)
• Build and provide Staff quarters

Republic of Ghana Contribution to suggested proposal
• Access to both facilities mentioned above.
• Permission to operate schools and family clinic at both locations.
• Permissions, Documents, Clearances and required visas for Maveric NGO Sovereign States Citizens, Security, approved Suppliers and accredited Media to enter Ghana.
• Ownership of “Witches of Ghana” land to Rebuild, refurbish, repair entire facility.

BY Ursula Brown

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