AFRICA: “Give us Male Prisoners to marry “Ghanaian Women Protest Husband Shortage.

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Women who live in Assin Fosu in the Center of Ghana made a plea to President Nana Akuffo-Addo for the release of prisoners from the region.

The reason mentioned: to end their bachelor status by marrying them.

Some, during an interview on Adom News, revealed that the majority of them are single and are under pressure from their family. Indeed, their loved ones ask them to marry before the end of the year. This situation can not be supported by the women concerned.

According to the version of these women, they are often obliged to sleep with married men
Among them are single mothers who also revealed that the few men living in the region have fled their responsibilities because of the intense competition between women to find a spouse.

The only option for these women is to resort to President Akufo-Addo. They asked the Ghanaian head of state to release the prisoners so that they could marry them.

“Men are more numerous in prison than in our city so please release them for us. We will love to be with them and have a nice family together. We ask Nana Addo to forgive the prisoners in our area because our city is dying, ”  they pleaded.

But the men of the city blame rather the women because they judge their approach unreasonable.

“The women of our city are not reasonable in their approach; They are not serious, all they know how to do is spend our money and leave us. That’s why they need prisoners to get married , “said an angry man.

However, they denied the women who accuse them of not being responsible, adding that releasing the prisoners will increase the crime rate in the region.


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  • Releasing prisoners from prison is not a good idea instead the women should cry to the presdent to allow married men to marry more than one woman.

  • Kizito evarist

    Could be the high demand of money from the women of these days that led to more crime rate in men thus leading to imprisonment. What goes around always come back

  • Grace Grace

    Dear Mr. President I sincerely believe that you should release some well behaved prisoners, it could be that God is talking through these women, Go to the prisons, talk to the officers in charge, get the reports of the inmates, get the reports of those that have changed for the better, and release them for God sake. I believe that God is speaking through these women, you are a wise man of intelligence and wisdom far beyond comprehension and God had placed you there for such a time as this. I am not saying that you should release all the prisoners, but like Joseph in the bible there is one that God wants to be released who will be a blessing to all of Ghana. God has ordained this man from his mothers womb to be a prophet to the nations, I understand that he is in prison because of his misbehavior, in his earlier years he could not understand and the enemy tried to destroy him so he would not fulfill his destiny here on earth and more so the amazing fruitful and dynamic change that is about to come to Ghana through him. Mr. President, you are greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved by your Father in Heaven, Ghana loves you and you are there to bless everyone. God will visit you in your dreams or personally, however he chooses I know that you will be delighted. God will tell you who are the ones to be released for His glory.

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