Africa: Internet Has Shaped Rwanda Travel And Tourism Industry

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Competitiveness in nowadays travel market requires service providers to invest significantly in promotion resources and customer care in order to attain a level of growth and client satisfactory.

It is more important than ever to keep an eye on the latest trends to make good use of the technologies for an effective response to ever-changing industry challenges.
It is no doubt that the introduction of Internet has shaped the way of doing business. The travel is one of the beneficiaries of this technology expansion. Contrarily to the contemporary travel business, we see new travel service providers investing in e-commerce facilities with competitiveness as a goal. The travel industry is becoming more dynamic.

Each tour company has at least a website, a platform where a client can visualize products and services offered opposed to printed brochures and catalogues. Knowledgeable tour providers can use this tool to reach millions of potential clients and speed up sales by putting their products and services in front of internet users. An effective use of the internet provides to consumers and business partners quality information on products delivered through a fast-online communication process.

Internet has become an essential tool in marketing strategies and travel companies need efficient knowledge to understand its use and consumer behavior for a better return on investment.

How did Rwanda become a sought-after travel destination and what’s been the role of new technological trends?

Rwanda tourism is an industry which contributes at a significant scale to the national revenue. This makes it an important sector for the country’s economic growth and stability. Rwanda is becoming a preferred destination for luxury travel in east Africa.
Customized or escorted travel programs are a way of exploring this destination. They are often organized for small groups or just couples who prefer to have a private car and guide, something that provides more time and freedom to explore and learn more about the country.

A well-managed promotion campaign through a close public-private sector partnership has led Rwanda to become one of the main wildlife and ecotourism destinations.

Rwanda has massively invested in tourism infrastructures, high quality roads, hotels/lodges and air travel. This is translated by an easy access to the country in terms of air and land facilities as well as hassle-free visa requirements which grant a possibility of planning your trip online. With the introduction of the East African tourist visa, which can be used in Uganda and Kenya, travel has become easier.

Investments in new technologies have also been a vector for the tremendous tourism growth. Tour providers use diversified online marketplaces to advertise and distribute their products, an effective way to attract new clients.

The online visibility of products allows Rwandan travel companies to reach directly customers. This cuts the costs of using international travel marketplaces which work as a middle-man.

Marketing and communication startups provide more skills and assistance in developing and ensuring an online competitiveness for tour operators.
Active tourism entrepreneurs taking advantage of the Rwanda online visibility tend to have a strong access to clients and ultimately become successful.


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