Tourism: Google Earth rolls out its biggest update with stunning 3D features

Google rolls out

In its latest update, Google Earth has introduced a new feature called “Voyager”.  No longer will you be limited to only exploring places you’ve heard about, nor will you have to resort to randomly clicking on areas of the planet in hopes of finding a gem. Instead, “Voyager” presents you with dozens of curated journeys around the globe.

Google Earth has existed as a heavier more detailed version of Google Maps for years, but used to require a desktop download.

Now the 3-D mapping service works right from within the Chrome web browser, and comes with new guided tours and virtual reality content.

Earth has featured 3-D maps for some time now, but many look to be hugely updated in the new version. The 3-D images are generally created from stitched together aerial fly-bys.

Each location in a voyage comes with a blurb explaining the landmark on your screen. Some also have  360° video content, while others have YouTube videos embedded – the “Beautiful Birds of Paradise” voyage employs clips from “Planet Earth” narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

With this update, Google Earth becomes less of a blank canvas more of a real, actionable travel tool. The addition of ‘knowledge cards,’ Wikipedia-powered morsels of information about different places, means you have a better idea of what you’re actually looking at.

If you’re planning a trip, Google Earth has itineraries that will show you all the best spots to visit in cities like Tokyo, London, and Mexico City.

The update also introduces an “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature. When clicked, it will take you to a random location or landmark on the globe and give you a description from Wikipedia.

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