Street Food Culture In Abeokuta, A Harvest Of African Cuisines


Street food and bukka joints are forever loyal. Singles and young hustlers benefit wholesomely from this. On my trip to Abeokuta, I made it compulsory to experience the best of Abeokuta local food in every possible way. Talking about the best way I could, I realized eating in local restaurants such as bukkas and very healthy street foods is the […]

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Accra Weizo Famtrip 2017: The Fun, the Glee and everything in between


Accra Weizo famtrip came with so much fun, the warmth hospitality, meeting people of different cultural backgrounds and language, I expected a lot from the destination and I got a lot! The delicious breakfast at Ridge Royal Hotel, the welcome received with a coconut drink and a locally made Ice Bontwe, the snaps, flashes and pictures, the dance and traditional […]

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Africa: Tourism Experts, NATOP On Tour Of Epe Historical Sites


I had a conversation with a friend about African epic storytelling as regards tourism, what it would be in the next decade, would the world be opportune to have as Traditional Tour Guides someone with a deep knowledge and experience of unforgettable historical sites? This was a conversation fueled by hours of Intense Tour Organised by Nigerian Association of Tour […]

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Africa: More To The Single Story About Fela Anikulapo Kuti – My Adventure To Kalakuta Museum


I am beginning this story singing ‘’Lady’’ by the Afrobeat Legend, a song I personally call my ‘sweet cherry wine.’ ‘’Lady’’ in the Shakara Album of Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome-Kuti released in 1972 is untainted, ever green especially to those with the knowledge of the value of such music. I can say my visit to Kalakuta museum was enthralled by […]

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Dang! Unapologetically Yes I mean it. Looking back at the previous season of Big brother Nigeria, now this in comparison with the actual Big brother show (Africa). Big brother Naija 2017 has absolutely nothing to offer its viewers rather than extreme nudity, psychological exploitation of contestants and non-educational content. With my two hands raised, I am a huge fan of […]

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Africa: Heading To Ogbunnike Cave? Here Are Ten Things You Should Know

Heading To Ogbunnike Cave? Here Are Ten Things You Should Know Let me start by saying a happy new year to all Travellers Magazine readers! The year began with high expectations and a full destination bucket list. As a thrill seeker, I needed to experience something different, something new, away from the usual hustle and bustle of Lagos. Taking a […]

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Walls of Lagos – Pattaya Thai Restaurant

Walls of Lagos – Pattaya Thai Restaurant Pattaya Restaurant thrills guests with historical Thai artifacts There is more to fine dining in the world than meets the eyes. Great cuisine makes the list but designs and décor definitely has the charms to draw every guest closer. The historical artifacts displayed at Pattaya Thai restaurant has an allure of an enviable […]

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Walls of Lagos-Maroccaine Restaurant

“Maroccaine explores designs that give personality ideas. “ Of all dining and hospitality destinations in Lagos, Maroccaine design and décor is exceptional for several reasons. The restaurant and lounge is set in a serene and comfortable location in the suburb area of Victoria Island surrounded by trees and all beauties nature has to offer. Maroccaine has a friendly outside seating […]

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Top 30 Restaurants in Lagos

Lagos Restaurant Survey: Hotel Restaurants among the Top 30 Restaurants in Lagos. (not ranked) By Jubilian Ngaruwa The winners for the top restaurants survey in Lagos have emerged with thirty restaurants selected as the best dining destinations in Nigeria’s commercial capital. It is a pleasant discovery for travelers and Lagos inhabitants that eating in Lagos isn’t a costly affair after […]

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Hurray! The flavours of Lagos food festival in Lagos has finally come and gone! Lagos inhabitants where entranced at Eko Atlantic Water Front by delicious delicacies by polished Chefs. The two days event started on the 2nd to 3rd of October 2016! Attending the event on the second day was rejuvenating as Eko Atlantic Waterfront was crowded, creating a great […]

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