News: Carmen Nibigira tour of Duty at the East Africa Tourism Platform comes to an end


Reliable sources have indicated that a gap in funding from EATP’s main supporter Trademark East Africa is thought to be the main reason why Carmen Nibigira is leaving the organization.

Carmen, following in the footsteps of her predecessor Waturi Wa Matu, has made a major impact in coordinating activities and seeing major changes in joint marketing efforts but also travel logistics across parts of East Africa implemented.

Highly respected by all of the five East African tourism sectors, both public and private, has she over the past two and a half years become the face of East Africa’s tourism industry, While much needs to be done to further integrate the tourism industry and bridge the often rather diverse positions from country to country, has much also been accomplished under the banner of EATP.

Said Carmen in a mail received earlier today:

“It has been a pleasure serving you as the Regional Coordinator. The two-year stint has been very remarkable; I learnt a lot.

I will always be indebted to your tremendous support as I coordinated the vision of East Africa being a single tourism destination. Much was achieved.

However, the journey towards a single flawless Destination East Africa is far from over. We must jealously guard our achievements and always be on the lookout for emerging opportunities.
For me, the time has come to seek new challenges. I sincerely thank you and wish you the best as you march forward.
Warm Regards,
Carmen Nibigira
Coordinator / East Africa Tourism Platform”

It is understood that EATP functions will for a while longer remain active under the auspices of the host organization Kenya Tourism Federation but it has already been noticed that the progressive phasing out of Carmen in her position as Coordinator – which everyone has always perceived as being the CEO of the organization – has show effects as the level of activities, to a large part of course due to a funding gap, has significantly reduced already.

Meanwhile it is best wishes from this author to Carmen in her future career and for her academic advancement.


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