Aviation: British Airways flight from America burst into flames mid-air, makes emergency landing 

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A flight of British Airways burst into flames while it was flying from America to London and was compelled to make an emergency landing last night.

The packed plane had just taken off from Phoenix, Arizona and it was heading towards Heathrow when passengers caught sight of sparks flying from the engine. Thereafter it circled high over the desert to dump fuel before it would be able to return to land safely at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

A spokesperson for British Airways told one of the leading news media agencies that a short while after its take off, the BA288 flight had experienced a surge in one of its four engines.

He then added that their flight crew are highly trained to deal with such events and shut down the engine prior to returning to the airport.

They then mentioned that the airplane landed perfectly safely and the authorities would like to offer an apology to the customers for the delay in the journeys. Scatt Baterman, the pilot said on a micro blogging site that such events are exceptionally rare.

A certain video of this incident demonstrates flamed belching out from the back of the plane just a few seconds after it had taken off.

The other British passengers said that none of them panicked and the staff had treated it as routine.

The airplane’s pilot had flown the plane high enough over desert to pump fuel where it could vaporize the air that would thereby make it easier for the plane to land safely.

Source: travelandtourworld.com

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