Africa: Bankole, NANTA President opens training school on Aviation and Tourism

Bankole nanta

President, Nigerian Association of Travel Agents (NANTA) Bernard Bankole has opened a training school for aviation and tourism, in a bid to contribute to the development of both sectors in the country.

According to him, the opening of the training school is part of his contribution to the growth of both sectors.

He said: “I left the banking Industry as a branch manager in a leading commercial bank 11 years ago to start off a self-funded travel management company.  Following my passion and accepting my new responsibility with every seriousness I could muster, by sheer grace, sacrifice and commitment, we are where we are.

“Finchglow is number two in the travel industry amongst over 1500 ‘registered’ agencies in Nigeria today. From an initial N5m startup capital (3.5 for office set-up and 1.5 to trade) and one functional office, we have grown to nine offices across the country and sales volume of N10b annually.

“Guided by certain principles, I have not only been able to keep my head above water but to walk on it. I‘ve had my fair share of fears, doubts, disappointments and anxieties, some of which served as fuel for my current opportunities.

“I consider my current role as National President of the Nigerian Association of Travel Agents (NANTA) as a privilege and opportunity to serve and contribute my own quota to the development of our industry and our dear country.

“This is the essence of the mentorship/leadership programme that I plan to host every Saturday in the month of May.  I will be sharing strategies, thoughts and key principles that have helped me on my entrepreneurial journey, to enable you gain momentum on yours.

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