Africa: Nigeria Aviation Union grounds Kenya Airways Flight Operations


The National Union of Air Transport Employees (NUATE), Tuesday morning grounded Kenya Airways operations following disagreement between its management and the Union over default in the incremental welfare programme for their workers. Failure to resolve all these issues through dialogue despite consistent efforts by the Union led to complete shutdown of the operations of the carrier.
According to the, the Unions had earlier threatened to picket Kenya Airways from December 5 over poor treatment of Nigerians employed by the airline.

General Secretary of NUATE, Mr Olayinka Abioye, explained that the picketing would be indefinite until the management of the airline acceded to the union’s demands.

He said that the patience of Nigerians working with Kenya Airways had been exhausted, noting that Nigerians would no longer continue to suffer in the company.

“Notice is hereby given by the union to all intending passengers on Kenya Airways that with effect from 12 midnight on Tuesday, Dec. 5, all operations of Kenya Airways in Nigeria shall be grounded.”

Abioye appealed to intending passengers on Kenya Airways to bear with the union during the protest.

He described disgruntled workers as accidents waiting to happen, stressing that this was what the union was trying to prevent.

The counter of the carrier was deserted on Tuesday morning as the union workers prevented the airline from conducting its daily operations.


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