Africa: ATQ to launch a Compilation of Top 100 Nigerian Tourism Personalities in Abuja as it partners NCAC for Jabamah

Abuja travellers tourism

In 1999 Travellers Magazine published its first Compilation of the Nigerian Top 100 Tourism Club.

The Compilation served the industry well as it provided a database of “Who is who” in Tourism Business in Nigeria.

Twenty (20) years after an update is needed.

Travellers Magazine is the First Travel Magazine in West Africa published since 1996.
The initial list of 90 has been released and comprises Elders, Pioneers, Association heads, Young Tourism Promoters and Nigerian Winners of Africa Travel 100 Women Award and Tour Operators award.

The final list will be released before the 16th of November at Abuja Jabamah.
This is as the National Council of Art and Culture NCAC will be co- hosting the 2nd Abuja Jabamah. NCAC will be hosting the biggest African Arts festival INAC at the exhibition hall of the International Conference Centre in Abuja from the 17th to the 24th of November.

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