Africa: Once Again Miss Rwanda Beauty contest comes under attack

Once Again Miss Rwanda Beauty contest comes under attack

Sometimes in 2015 a minister of Sports was sacked immediately after organising the Miss Rwanda contest in a somewhat controversial circumstance.

Rwandans want a Beauty Queen but do not want the baggage that goes with the Pageant  No wonder that the Rwanda New Times reports the attack once again on the 2017 edition of the Miss Rwanda Beauty Pageant. According to the story:

It’s been barely a week since 15 finalists selected for Miss Rwanda 2017 were sent to a two week boot camp at Golden Tulip Hotel La Palisse. And now, social media is buzzing with criticism over what many are describing as a ‘substandard competition that doesn’t contribute anything to the country.’

Some of the heated debates all over social media allege that the girls can’t seem to answer questions in basic English.

Looking at the pre-selection event which took place at Petit Stade, it was easy to come to the conclusion that the girls had done cram work as the answers seemed too similar.

Rumour has it that prior to the event, the girls pass through some sort of training where they are given a set of questions which will be asked during the main event. Well, we don’t know that but the anti-Miss Rwanda lot feel that the girls are not trained to analyze, interpret and think critically and merely speak like they’ve been coached about what to say.

Considering that most of the contestants are high school graduates, there’s a question about whether they are the best choice to represent Rwanda and its values on the international stage? We can only wish them the best.”


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