Africa: Kempinski Hotel, a luxurious hotel with a class


The Accra Weizo 2017 afford me another opportunity of updating myself with the hospitality business in Accra after my visit in 2012. The moment I walked into the huge lobby entrance of Kempinski hotel where i was lodged, I was struck by the beauty and ambience of the interior which the exterior failed to showcase.

I was ushered into the reception by a staff who asked me politely if i am lodging or at the hotel to see someone. I proudly told her that I am staying there for a couple of days for the Accra Weizo 2017. She took me to the receptionist where i filled the form before she walked me to my room on the fifth floor.

When the television set was switched on, it showed clearly on the screen-“Welcome Mr Adelaja”. When the staff left, I went round the luxurious room and concluded, “you can never have a bad room in a place like this”. I quickly took some selfie for my instagram and facebook page. I picked up the intercom and requested from the receptionist how to call my friend’s room who was also lodging in the hotel. When i called him, his name showed on the dashboard and the first thing he said was, “Tayo, what is your impression about this hotel?”, i replied, “Bros, same as yours”.

The management obliged us a tour of the hotel and this was what we are told and saw during the tour.

This is the biggest hotel in the country, spread over 35 hectares with 269 rooms, plus four suites, all of which are at least 50 sqm in size. Many rooms overlook the beautiful infinity pool and Cedar Terrace area, a wonderful place to relax for a day. The spa have 10 treatment rooms, a hammam, yoga studios and a beauty salon. The conference and ballroom facilities are – guess what – the biggest in Ghana, and have all the latest audio and visual equipment, as do the board rooms and smaller meeting spaces.

Our guide said, “At Kempinski, we are more than hotel, we are high-end social centre for Accra, with our airy restaurant, spa, conference facilities, gallery and pool bars.We offer value and services for money and ensure that you always want to come back due to our services.

“We provide the only five-star luxury service, accommodations, and meetings facilities in Accra. The 269 luxury rooms is the largest room size in Accra, the suites is the highest suite inventory in the city, largest F&B offerings, largest conference facilities and the largest spa in West Africa”, he said.


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