Africa: Heading To Ogbunnike Cave? Here Are Ten Things You Should Know

Heading To Ogbunnike Cave? Here Are Ten Things You Should Know

Let me start by saying a happy new year to all Travellers Magazine readers!

The year began with high expectations and a full destination bucket list. As a thrill seeker, I needed to experience something different, something new, away from the usual hustle and bustle of Lagos. Taking a road trip to Anambra state Nigeria was what I needed at the time and I wasn’t disappointed.

Like the stories I have heard of caves, the excitement, joy and all round happiness one feels on a visit, Ogbunike cave gave me a slight different feeling, not bad but a lot better, with a combination all that mentioned, thrills and an actual feel of a real cave with an uncontaminated nature.

ogbunike-caveExcitedly I compiled these 10 IMPORTANT things to know before heading to the sacred Cave of Ogbunike

. The Cave has spiritual Significance, take for instance, the annual celebration to commemorate the finding of the cave called ‘’Imeogbe.”

. Get ready to walk 317 steps down to the Cave. The steps were constructed in the mid-90s by the Anambra state government.

he. You must remove your shoes before going into the Cave, when asked the reason for that, our tour guide stated that it is part of tradition.

. Hey ladies! Are you in your monthly cycle? Please don’t bother visiting except you want to explore the river and the little water fall.

. Avoid circled deep water areas in the Cave so you don’t disappear! Yes I meant that! Our tour guide told us the same story with true incidence, reason it is recommended you must go in with a guide.

ogb. The cave is extremely dark so don’t attempt going in without a guide.

. They  are ten connected Tunnels, some wide open areas referred to as the parlor and the dinning of the “Alusi”.

. The cave is home to a large number of bats and confined snakes.

Remove your shoes before going in

. The cave connects to River Nkissa a rapid flowing river.

whatsapp-image-2017-02-06-at-3-48-43-pm. Have some money with because you might have to offer some money to appease the “Alusi” as you go deeper into the Cave.

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