Accra Weizo Famtrip 2017: The Fun, the Glee and everything in between


Accra Weizo famtrip came with so much fun, the warmth hospitality, meeting people of different cultural backgrounds and language, I expected a lot from the destination and I got a lot! The delicious breakfast at Ridge Royal Hotel, the welcome received with a coconut drink and a locally made Ice Bontwe, the snaps, flashes and pictures, the dance and traditional welcome at Elmina Beach Resort, how can I forget the amazing hospitality at Kempinski hotel Accra, did I tell you I almost didn’t want to leave for Nigeria?

After all I have heard about Ghanaian tourism, there was a lot on my itinerary for the Acrra Weizo Famtrip. First, learning history in every way possible, be it culture, language, the European slave trade and the people of Ghana and adding it all to my information pack. Second, taking pictures at the tunnel in the Cape Coast slave castle and then beaming light on social media platforms, flooding timelines with stories from my trip and I wanted the walls to have my name ‘’jubtrip was here.’’

All thanks to Accra Weizo 2017, been its 3rd year since its inception in 2015. The event indeed is promoting seamless travel in West Africa and it is a shining light to Tourism in West Africa.

First meeting the team at Ikeja International Airport, a group of Travel bloggers, tour operators and Travel Journalists, I almost didn’t know it was them until we arrived Kotoka Airport in Accra and the introduction began. Zainab Fashola I am meeting in person after our long distance relationship on social Media, well we are ‘’instagram cousins’’ like they say. Mr Okorie a very sarcastic individual you wouldn’t help but love him, a travel journalist, with him no talk is too much but be ready to figure out every word as he might mean another.


La palm Royal beach hotel was the first stop, we all chilled for a drink, had a little chat and introductions. Meeting my first Ghanaian friend ‘’Abrafi’’ If I am to judge Ghanaians from this one person, I will say peaceful, kind, gentle and adorable. Her gentle way of handling everything including speech amazed me, she smiled at every given opportunity, with her, things were easy, and even as I was agitated since the sim replacement she was helping me with seem impossible.

We tasted a huge part of Ghanaian Hospitality at Ridge royal Hotel, welcomed with a traditional Ice bontwe and a coconut drink, a good treat after hours of a bumpy-less ride from Accra to the Cape coast Region. We had a few snap and flashes and then lodged into the hotel to prepare for another day.

Day 2

A surprise Visit by the president of Nigerian Association of Tour Operators Mr Nkereuwen Onung at Ridge Royal Hotel officially opened the tour! We assembled for a group picture and after some minutes we were on our way to Cape coast slave Castle.

Cape coast or Cabo Corso is a fishing port very much visited by tourists, a good marketing point for local traders selling African souvenir to visitors. The cape Coast castle a world heritage site built in 1601 by the European traders visited by the former president of the United States of America ‘’Barack Obama’’ it is one of the biggest forty slave castles and commercial fortes with several element of torture.

We arrived the castle with excitements and awe at the white massive building. After several stops at the tunnels, dungeon, the point of no return, everyone got moody and at the end of the day, we were all drenched in sadness for our horrific past history, our Tour Guide Mr Blankson did a thorough job.

The evening after brightened us all as the Ghanaian tourism authority organized a bon fire with a traditional ensemble at the Elmina Resort, we drummed, we danced, we ate, we saw the fire, we experienced something new in music, dance, culture and language importantly we realized we are one not just as a continent but in Music.


Day 3

Kakum national park was next. The park is surrounded by rainforest, we began the tour of the park almost immediately as we arrived. After a long 30 minutes’ walk, we finally arrived the canopy walk way which is about 30 meters above the ground.

Climbing the canopy walk was a great experience, I won’t forget, Omawunmi who was stuck on the canopy walk, stuck with fear of not moving forward or backward. Abayomi of Abay tours got out screaming ‘’I am never coming here again’’ Interestingly, Mazi Okorie as he is called didn’t have much sarcasm this time all he did was gasp for breath and laughed while at it .

We all got out to an amazing lunch organized by the Ghanaian tourism authority at the National park restaurant. They were varieties of Ghanaian Traditional meals on the menu, we had Banku a local swallow with a colorless soup prepared with assorted meat, Fufu and palmwine, Jollof rice served with chicken and Fish.

Everyone on the team finished their meal as true Africans devouring their chicken bones to the last, praising Ghanaian Hospitality and making plans for a future return.
By Jubilian Ngaruwa

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