AFRICA: 4 Nations sign up On Door of Return with Accompong, Jamaica to drive Tourism with Diaspora

Bantaba in PH diaspora

Uniting Africa and the diaspora, the Door of Return Monument is now being extended to include Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

The decision was made by political and tourism leaders in attendance at the travel event for the Top 100 Hotels in Nigeria which was held at the Port Harcourt Bantaba. The event was jointly organized by and Akwaaba African Travel Market.

Finance Minister for Accompong Jamaica, Hon. Timothy McPherson, was in attendance at the event and negotiated with Mr. Gabe Onah, Chairman of the Cross  River Carnival Commission, that the Door of Return Monument should also be erected in Calabar, Nigeria.

Event organizer, Mr. Ikechi Uko, has described the agreement as “ground breaking”. It is expected that the Door of Return Monument will be erected in the city of Calabar before the next Calabar festival in 2018 and will attract new visitors to the festival coming from Jamaica and across the Caribbean.

Also in attendance at the Port Harcourt Bantaba was the Chief Executive Officer of the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, Mr. Karikoga Kaseke. It was agreed that Zimbabwe will also join the Door of Return Initiative.

Hon. Minister Timothy McPherson said, “tourism is the back-bone to economic development and building new cultural relations. We are already partnering with Ghana on this initiative, and clearly bringing Nigeria and Zimbabwe on board is a great honour and blessing for Accompong. The time for unification between Africa and the Diaspora is finally here.”

One of the objectives of the Door of Return Initiative is to enhance economic and political cooperation between Africa and the Diaspora through the promotion of inter-continental travel as well as travel between African and Diaspora communities in the Caribbean and South America.

The Door of Return Monument is being erected in Accompong Jamaica and at the slave castle Fort Kormantin in Ghana as an important spiritual honoring to the ancestors. The Monument is a counter symbol to the “door of no return” which can be found at historical slave ports across the continent.

At least 5 African countries per year will be invited to erect the Door of Return Monument. The Initiative, which is being jointly led by the Accompong Maroons and the Kingdom of Ashanti, is signatory to a new era of cooperation between Africa and the Diaspora. It is expected to mobilize an unprecedented level of travel and cooperation between the continent and the Diaspora.

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  • Wadiya Arkorful

    This is excellent news. The diaspora has so much to offer. These collaborations can only be successful. Thank you for your leadership and your love and commitment to our motherland.

  • bk

    500 years ago when our ancestors were stolen from the continent to be sold in the west, not one of the current nations within the current Africa with its artificial borders existed. None of our ancestors said “we are leaving Ghana, Nigeria, Togo” ect.
    This monument is it really to honor our ancestors or just to generate income for those nations because not one has open the doors for us the descendents of our stolen ancestors to become citizens but rather put up road blocks.

    • Tito doto

      Whether those countries were named that or not, the tribes are pretty much the same and will confirm the migration and family history. For instance, the igbo tribe.. forgive me if tribe is offensive.. (ethnic group)… you can take the genetics test and see if your DNA will link with an Igbo family or whichever and that will confirm where you came from… so yes you can still be Nigerian, Ghanian, ect… and google the Senegal women marching for Angela Davis… there were Continental Africans fighting for us since slavery.. Kings and Queens too.. you think people wanted to lose their family without a fight? Of course they would go down fighting and buried… dig deeper

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